Liu Guowang and His Party Went to Australia and New Zealand to Survey and Guide Sinosteel Enterprises

Recently, Mr. Liu Guowang, General Manager of Sinosteel Group, and his party went to the enterprises owned by Sinosteel in Australia and New Zealand for survey and guidance. Mr. Liu Peng, Vice General Manager of Sinosteel Group, and Mr. Pan Wenliang, Chairman of Sinosteel Overseas participated in the survey.

In Perth, Western Australia, Liu Guowang and his party went to investigate Sinosteel's enterprises in Australia and listened to the report on the current operation, progress of key projects and future planning of the enterprises, and gained an in-depth understanding of Sinosteel's resources, exploration and maintenance of mineral rights, development planning and challenges in Australia. He fully affirmed the achievements of Sinosteel in Australia in the past two years, such as making every effort to ensure the safety of strategic mineral resources, thus realizing the benefits of partial mining of iron ores in the Midwest Australia, and expressed his sincere gratitude for the perseverance and dedication of overseas field personnel. He stressed that Sinosteel enterprises in Australia should change their working ideas in the next step, increase the exploration of core key projects, strengthen the resources to increase reserves and improve the value of the projects. They should adjust the way of mining, ensure the interests of the company, and actively promote the development of projects with high grade, good conditions and more economic returns.

Liu Guowang and his delegation visited the headquarters of FMG Group, a partner of Sinosteel, introduced the reform and development of Sinosteel, and hoped that both sides would invest more manpower and resources in the Midwest Iron Mine project, complete the evaluation study as soon as possible, and push forward the implementation of project development cooperation as soon as possible. He said that Sinosteel's low-carbon metallurgical technology was fruitful and hoped that both sides would take the Midwest Iron Mine project as an opportunity to explore multi-faceted cooperation and achieve win-win development.

Visit to FMG Group

In Adelaide, South Australia, Liu Guowang and his party listened to the report of Sinosteel South Australia on the progress of mineral rights maintenance, mining rights application for Billeroo Iron Mine and prospecting and exploration of minor metals. He pointed out that Sinosteel will cultivate the industry of minor metal raw materials and alloy products with good development prospect, and should take up the responsibility of strategic mineral resources security guarantee and do a good job of industrial planning and development. We should speed up the prospecting and mining work of mines in South Australia and strive to realize the development goal of a big industry, a grand strategy, a big market and a high value of minor metal as soon as possible.

Survey of  Dome Rock Copper Mine 

During the visit, Liu Guowang and his delegation drove more than 400 kilometers to Billeroo Iron Mine and Dome Rock Copper Mine exploration sites for field inspection, where they checked the exploration core storage conditions, understood the copper core sampling process, communicated with the drilling construction team and geological engineers, and listened to the report on the prospecting and mineralization potentials.

During his stay in Australia, Liu Guowang and his delegation also visited Fenix Australia, Baosteel Australia Mining Company, Yonggang Mining, as well as China Chamber of Commerce in Australia, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT) and Bank of China, hoping that the organizations will continue to increase their support to Sinosteel enterprises in Australia.

After finishing the surveys in Australia, Liu Guowang and his party went to New Zealand to conduct work research at the Aotea Vanadium-Titanium Magnetite Sea Sands Mine site and had a meeting with David Peacock, the rancher of the project site. Liu Guowang thanked him for his support to Sinosteel over the years and hoped that both sides would further deepen their friendship and carry out more in-depth cooperation practices. After listening to the report on the resource overview and development prospect of the project, Liu Guowang analyzed the current status and challenges of vanadium-titanium magnetite in smelting and comprehensive utilization, and had in-depth discussions with the team on the follow-up development plan.

Survey of Aotea Vanadium-Titanium Magnetite Sea Sand Mine 

After the site survey, Liu Guowang and his party held a special meeting to discuss and study the work ideas and plans for further operation of Sinosteel enterprises in Australia and New Zealand, and put forward requirements on the cooperation on the Midwest Iron Mine, the development of small high-grade iron mines, the listing of high-quality assets and human resources management. Liu Guowang said that all the overseas staffs should be persist in realizing their dreams, pursuit of career and desire for success, unite and forge ahead, make further efforts, display their talents on the broad stage of integration of Sinosteel into Baowu, and create a better tomorrow together.


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