Samancor Hosts Mid-2022 Supply Chain Forum Exchange

Recently, Samancor Group's Supply Chain Management department held the mid-2022 supply chain forum exchange. The event was convened and chaired by Samancor's Operations Director, Liu Dong, and attended by all manager-level managers from the Group's Export Logistics, Highway and External Vehicle Logistics Management, Raw Materials Procurement and Procurement Services departments.

In 2020, Liu Dong led the team to carry out institutional integration of Samancor's logistics and procurement departments, with clearer functions of the supply chain management department and further improvement of work efficiency. The purpose of this forum was to unify ideas and improve team cohesion and combat power based on the future development and positioning of the procurement and logistics departments.

The forum invited Dr. Nils Backeberg from Project Blue to talk about the recent development trend of chrome industry chain, analyze the cost of chrome ores and ferrochrome in 2022 by countries and the cost composition of major ferrochrome suppliers, analyze and forecast the supply and demand situation of chrome products in mid-2027, and the vision development of chrome in 2050. During the meeting, everyone actively exchanged and interacted with each other to understand the costs of Samancor and UG2, a chrome ore producer in South Africa and Chinese ferrochrome producers, which built up confidence in the future development of Samancor.

Participants interacted with experts from various fields at Deloitte headquarters in Joburg. Deloitte provided an introduction to the recent global and South African macroeconomic situation, application of smart mines and big data in supply chain risk management and the impact of telecommuting on business.

Liu Dong expressed his gratitude to the experts and personnel who participated in this forum, and put forward requirements for Samancor's future work. The response to the forum was enthusiastic, and several managers said that the forum was a meaningful communication activity, which gave everyone an opportunity to learn about the future development of the industry and was very instructive for Samancor to improve its internal operation efficiency.

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