Sinosteel Australia Is Successfully Re-elected as the President of the Perth Branch of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Australia

Recently, CCCA Perth held its sixth general election and Sinosteel Australia Pty Ltd was re-elected as the president.

Due to the impact of the local epidemic, this election was conducted by video with online voting. To ensure that this general election was open, fair and just, an election committee was established to supervise the election process. The election committee consisted of Consul Lyu Ruihao of the Consulate General in Perth, Zhang Yimin, head of senior member Jinchuan Nickel Australia, and William Du, representative of sponsor PwC. 69 members participated in the election through live streaming and online voting.

At the meeting, Consul Lyu Ruihao, head of the bilateral office of the Chinese Consulate General in Perth, made a review of the work of the previous chamber, spoke highly of the achievements of the branch and put forward requirements for the future work of the chamber.

In his speech, President Sun Xiaoxuan said that under the guidance of the bilateral office of the Consulate General and the entrustment of the members, the chamber will continue its efforts to serve the members, promote exchanges between China and Western Australia and enhance the influence of the chamber, and work together to promote the work of the chamber to a new level.

The Perth Branch of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Australian is the largest chamber of commerce for Chinese enterprises in Western Australia, with 70 members, most of which are large Chinese state-owned enterprises having a wide influence in Western Australia. As the president of the chamber, Sinosteel Australia actively serves Chinese enterprises operating in Western Australia on the one hand. On the other hand, through the chamber's platform, Sinosteel has greatly increased its visibility and influence, established extensive contacts with the Western Australian government, related industries and famous enterprises, and favorably promoted Sinosteel's business development in Australia.

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