Mineral Resources

   Over the years, Sinosteel is committed to the exploration and allocation of global metallurgical mineral resources. Sinosteel has set up iron ore, chrome ore and nickel ore bases at home and abroad, including Australia, Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and the Philippines. Thus, Sinosteel has strong mineral resources developing and processing capability.

  • Iron ore
  • Chrome ore
  • Nickel ore
  • Others

80 to 90 years since the last century, China Steel in Australia and other places to establish iron ore resources base, control the total iron ore resources of more than 20 million tons, has accumul...

  • The Lobé Iron Ore ...

    resouses10million ton

    The first phase of the project plans to yield 10 MT raw ore and 4.17 million tons of 66% iron ore concentrates every year.

  • Cangshan Iron Ore ...

    resouses75million ton

    Itis Sinosteel’s first domestic investment mining project. The retaining ore quantityis about 75 MT, and an annual output 2.6 MT iron ore and more than 0.6 MT powered iron.

  • Fuquan Iron Ore Mi...

    resouses55million ton

    Sinosteel Fuquan Minig is a digital, modern, intellectualized mine combing high efficiency and environmental protection. The direct mining cost of underground mine is at the floor level in our coun...

  • Liutangfang Iron O...

    resouses1.5million ton

    Sinosteel Liutangfang Mining is one of 861 key projects of Anhui Province with a designed annual processing capability of 1.5 MT.