Liu Guowang Visits Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia to Guide Sinosteel's Overseas Nickel Mining Development

From July 27 to August 7, Sinosteel Group's General Manager Liu Guowang led a delegation to Sinosteel HY Corp. in the Philippines and Sinosteel Mining Indonesia for work guidance, and they also visited Malaysia. Liu Guowang emphasize Sinosteel's new strategic positioning of "building an industrial platform for rare, minor metals raw materials, alloys and related new materials". The goal is to fully promote existing nickel mining development, expand into new varieties and areas while increasing output and performance, and further deepen international capacity cooperation.

During the visit to Sinosteel HY Mining in the Philippines, Liu Guowang listened to reports on the company's development history, recent production and operations, and nickel ore reserves. To better understand frontline production, the delegation went to the Dinagat Island mine to inspect mining sites and learn about resource distribution, geological conditions, mining methods, logistics, shipping, mine rehabilitation, grade testing, community relations and more. Afterwards, they met with Chinese shareholders and held talks with the mining contractors to jointly discuss ways to further increase production and efficiency.

Liu Guowang affirmed HY Mining's perseverance and pioneering spirit despite difficulties, fully recognizing the company's innovative business model. He noted that in recent years, HY Mining has achieved good results and fully recovered its investment, with its input-output ratio among the highest in Sinosteel, showing promising growth potential. He stressed that HY Mining must operate in compliance with laws and regulations, uniting small shareholders, contractors and other stakeholders to deeply tap operational potential through measures like addressing shortcomings to shore up foundations and open more mines for production. Combining geological conditions and mining practices, they should explore and develop chromium ore as a new product. Importance should be placed on safety, environment, employee care, social responsibility, emergency reserves, and contingency plans for extreme weather.

During the visit to Sinosteel Mining Indonesia, Liu Guowang heard reports on the company's basic situation, obtaining a 2,038-hectare mining concession, nickel ore resources, reserves and grade, mining plans and preparations, contractor mining model, logistics, transportation and markets. He held talks with shareholders and mining contractors on overcoming difficulties and accelerating production.

Liu Guowang fully affirmed Sinosteel Mining Indonesia's success in obtaining the 2,038-hectare concession, safeguarding port assets, innovatively developing resources despite difficulties, and promoting initial mining area production. He stressed operating compliantly, forming good cooperative relations with production contractors, and doing everything possible to ensure all conditions for nickel ore production are met this year. It is essential to gradually build three capabilities: contractors' maximum mining output, optimal port shipping capacity, and reasonable yard turnover capacity, achieve "early mining, good ores, quick mining, more mining" for higher profits; track policy changes affecting nickel mining projects, monitor market dynamics, timely analyze countermeasures, deploy professionals for good mining, and maximize project returns; formulate a 3-5 year nickel mining development plan, plan new mining areas, and actively explore developing other incremental resources; highly attend to various risks at overseas sites like worker safety, production safety, operational risks, cultural integration, community relations, while cultivating multi-skilled talent.

During the visit, Liu Guowang's delegation went to the Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park to learn about its planning, partner projects, tax policies, land and electricity costs, transportation, locational advantages. They inspected bulk cargo ports, yards, and visited the Alliance Steel (M) Sdn. Bhd.'s 3.5-million-ton integrated steel plant, holding talks with heads of Beibu Gulf Holding Group, Alliance Steel and China Harbour in Malaysia.

Xiong Jian, Assistant to Sinosteel Group's General Manager and Vice Chairman of Sinosteel Overseas, Pan Wenliang, Chairman of Sinosteel Overseas, joined the visit. Relevant Sinosteel Engineering & Technology officials attended the Malaysia trip. 

Investigating Sinosteel HY Mining in the Philippines

Investigating Sinosteel Mining Indonesia


Visiting Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park

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