Liu Andong Meets with Rio Tinto Iron Ore Global Sales VP Antoine

On April 25, Sinosteel Group's Chairman Liu Andong met with Rio Tinto Iron Ore Global Sales Vice President Antoine and his delegation at Sinosteel's headquarters in Beijing. Chen Sheng, Rio Tinto's Vice President for China and Chief Commercial Officer for China, and Fu Ruilong, Assistant to Sinosteel Group's General Manager, attended the meeting.

Liu Andong welcomed the guests' visit to Sinosteel. He said Sinosteel and Rio Tinto's ties originated from the Channar project, with a long history of cooperation that has made the project a model of China-Australia economic and trade cooperation. Over the past three decades, the two sides have maintained uninterrupted exchanges and cooperation in areas like trade and engineering, achieving a series of positive results. As responsible and influential international companies, Sinosteel and Rio Tinto have broad prospects for pragmatic cooperation against the backdrop of Sinosteel's integration with Baowu. He hopes the two sides will enhance communication and mutual trust, further focus on cooperation in iron ore trade, engineering technology, green and low-carbon development, jointly face the future, and continue to create new win-win situations.

Antoine thanked Sinosteel for its long-standing support for Rio Tinto's iron ore business. He said since the Channar joint venture iron ore project, the two sides' cooperation has maintained a positive momentum. Rio Tinto highly values its Chinese customers and the Chinese market, and will uphold the spirit of mutual benefit and win-win results to continue deepening mutually beneficial cooperative relations with Chinese enterprises including Sinosteel, exploring more areas for cooperation. Sinosteel has a presence across the entire metallurgical industry chain, so strengthening cooperation with Sinosteel holds important strategic significance for Rio Tinto Iron Ore. He hopes to continuously extend the solid cooperative foundation of the Channar project to iron ore trade cooperation and other broader business areas to achieve common development.

Prior to the meeting, Liu Andong accompanied Anto's delegation on a tour of Sinosteel's exhibition hall.

Relevant officials from Rio Tinto China, Rio Tinto Iron Ore China, Sinosteel International Trade, and Sinosteel Trade attended the meeting.

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