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  Company:    Sinosteel Mining Co., Ltd.
  Leader:   MinJie Lian
  Address:   No. 8 Haidian St., Beijing, P.R. China 100080
  Email:   Phone:   86-10-62687708
  Corporation Sites:     Fax:   86-10-62687700
Core Businesses:
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinosteel Corporation, Sinosteel Mining Co., Ltd specializes in mineral resources development. It’s businesses range from opportunity discovery, prospection organization, resource acquisition to development and construction, and it performs the management function in such areas as production, technical management, mineral rights transaction and mining policy research.  
company brief introduction:

Sinosteel Mining Co., Ltd (abbreviated as Sinosteel Mining ) is a specialized subsidiary of Sinosteel Corporation. It was registered with State Administration for Industry and Commerce on February 14, 2007 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan (registration number: 1000001004074). As a subsidiary of sinosteel specializing in mineral resources development, Sinosteel Mining Co., Ltd is engaged in developing mineral resources and managing the development operation. It’s core businesses are as follows: Opportunity discovery: collecting and analyzing the information on mineral resources obtained from both external and internal sources; making professional judgments thereon and subsequently discovering development opportunities. Prospection organization: forming a coordinated mechanism with Sinosteel Tianjin Geological Academy and Sinosteel Maanshan Institute of Mining Research to establish a quick-responding prospection team so as to organize an efficient prospection for domestic and overseas mineral resource projects. Resource acquisition: acquiring domestic and overseas resources having a development value through diversified means; undertaking detailed work such as business negotiation, formulating cooperation mode, going through relevant procedures, etc. Development and construction: organizing and implementing the development and construction of Sinosteel Corporation’s mines; undertaking such managerial work as project launching, feasibility study, preliminary design, operation initiation report, license acquisition, tendering, construction completion check, etc. Production and technical management: providing guidance on the production and technical management of Sinosteel’s mines; performing such management functions on behalf of Sinosteel as production coordination, safety and environmental protection, technological research and innovation, etc. Mineral rights transaction: trading prospection and mining licenses. Mining policy research: analyzing and studying domestic and overseas mining policies and the latest industrial development worldwide; forecasting future trend of the mining industry.