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  Company:    SinosteelZhengzhou Research Institute Of Steel Wire &Steel Wire Products Co.,Ltd.
  Leader:   JianHua Yang
  Address:   No.70,Science Rd.,The National High-tech Developing Park, Zhengzhou 450001
  Email:   Phone:   86-371-67852000
  Corporation Sites:     Fax:   86-371-7632895
Core Businesses:
Research and manufacture, development and sale wire products and equipments. Sale of steel materials. Production technology consultation of steel wire products. Production process technology service of steel wire products.  
company brief introduction:

Sinosteel Zhengzhou Research Institute of Steel Wire & Steel Wire Products is a scientific and technical institute directly under the original Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, initially established at Zunyi Guizhou in 1973, the State Council approved that the research institute put under Ministry of Metallurgical Industry to lead directly in 1979. The research institute moved to Zhengzhou Henan in 1982. By conform the arrangement of the State Council, the research institute to join the China Steel Group in 1999, to turn the establishment to the scientific technical type enterprise. Become an entire assets sub-company. As the sole specialized science and technology institution of wire products industry of our country, the research institute engages mainly in the application research and development for new materials, new technology and new equipments relating to various steel wires and wire ropes. The research institute possess a science and technology ranks nearly four hundreds people ( among them , senior engineering technology personnel ninety six , semi-senior engineering technology personnel more than one hundred , covered twenty odd specialized subject ) , technology ability potentiality , specialty disposition is complete. Since reform science and technology structure , the research institute carry on research and development towards the wire products industry , achieve more than one hundred important science and technology successes , powerfully promote science and technology progress of whole industry , also , the research institute itself make rapid progress , become the comprehensive science and technology institution having five hundreds ( set ) odd various equipments and instruments for science research and intermediate experiment , possess annual yield capacity of twenty thousand tons wire products, with a gathering of achievements and a galaxy of talent.