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  Company:    Sinosteel Uranium SA Pty., Ltd.
  Leader:   FuSheng Gao
  Email:   Phone:   618-82050301
  Corporation Sites:   Fax:   618-82050399
Core Businesses:
The major business activities of Sinosteel Uranium SA Pty Ltd (SUSA) include exploration, carrying out feasibility studies and mining development of Uranium Minerals in Crocker Well, Mt Victoria and surrounding prospects areas, as well as the exploration of other minerals rather than Uranium.  
company brief introduction:

Sinosteel is a large corporate group registered in the People’s Republic of China with global investments and presence. 


Sinosteel has been operating in Australia since 1987.  Its main resource asset in Australia is a 40% stake in the Channar joint venture with Rio Tinto in the Pilbara, WA which produces 11mtpa of iron ore for the Chinese market.  Sinosteel holds its interest in the joint venture through its subsidiary Sinosteel Australia Pty Ltd. 


Sinosteel also has another directly subsidiary operating in Australia, named as Sinosteel Australia Mining Pty Ltd. Sinosteel Australia Mining Pty Ltd was incorporated on 10 November 2005 to hold Sinosteel’s interests (50%) under the Koolanooka and Weld Range Studies Joint Venture Agreement between Sinosteel Corporation and Midwest Corporation on 18 October 2005.


On April 2. 2007, Sinosteel form a new company under Sinosteel Australia Mining Pty Ltd named Sinosteel Uranium SA Pty Ltd (SUSA). According to the Uranium and Minerals Resources Joint Venture Agreement between Sinosteel and PepinNini on April 9, 2007, SUSA holds 60 percent of the Joint Venture.  The joint venture is managed by Sinosteel PepinNini Curnamona Management Pty Ltd, in which SUSA has 60% interest.