Sinosteel International Signed Stargate EPC Contract for Nickel-Iron Alloy in Indonesia

On December 28, 2021, Sinosteel International received another fruitful result from a cloud signing - its wholly-owned subsidiary Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Co., Ltd. ("Sinosteel MECC") and PT Stargate Mineral Asia Indonesia ("Stargate Indonesia") formally signed the  EPC contract for 2x33MVA nickel-iron alloy project. This is a new step for international business after Sinosteel International signed the Phase IV integrated steel plant project with TOSYALI Group in Algeria, adding another finishing touch to the 2021 annual report.

Mr. Lu Pengcheng, Chairman of Sinosteel International, Mr. Hua Guanglin,  Executive Deputy General Manager of Sinosteel International and General Manager of Sinosteel MECC, Mr. Tang Faqi, Vice President of Sinosteel International and representatives of the business departments; Mr. Dixon Koesdjojo, President of Stargate Indonesia, Director Mr. Eddy Koh, Director Mr. Sandhy Hermawan, General Manager Mr. Daniel Kong, attended the signing ceremony in Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Jakarta Indonesia, Russia and Mongolia, etc in the world.

According to the contract, Sinosteel MECC is responsible for the design, equipment supply, installation and civil construction. The main contents of the project are two fully enclosed 33MVA nickel-iron alloy mineral-heating furnaces and their supporting drying kilns, rotary kilns, production and process auxiliary facilities, as well as the public and auxiliary facilities of the plant.

The project is located on the Sulawes Island in southeast Indonesia, which is rich in resources and has several large industrial parks. Upon completion, the project is expected to produce 140,000 tons of ferronickel per year, further enriching the local ferronickel production capacity and driving local labor employment.

As the first overseas EPC project of nickel-iron alloy constructed by Sinosteel MECC, it will utilize the RKEF process route and a number of self-developed technologies by Sinosteel MECC. These independent research and development made great efforts in the production process, equipment level, energy saving and environmental protection, safe production and other aspects, and strove to achieve cost reduction and benefit increasing for customers and green environmental protection to create a model project.

This contract formally opened the second cooperation between the two parties. Previously, Sinosteel MECC provided consulting services for Stargate Indonesia, which was highly recognized and laid a solid foundation for their cooperation again.

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