Sinosteel Successfully Holds the Conference for Promoting Scientific and Technological Innovation Work in 2020

On August 10, in order to promote the development of scientific and technological innovation and related inspection and rectification at the group level in depth and breadth for the year, Sinosteel held a grand conference for promoting scientific and technological innovation work in 2020 at the headquarters. Xu Siwei, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sinosteel, delivered a speech; Liu Andong, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinosteel, made a report on the scientific and technological innovation work of the Group; Zhang Jinghua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinosteel, made related announcements. The leadership team of Sinosteel, some academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and leaders at the general manager assistant level attended the conference. Wang Wenjun, Deputy General Manager of Sinosteel, presided over the conference.

Liu Andong reviewed the positive results of the scientific and technological innovation work in the Group during the 13th Five-Year Plan period and analyzed scientific and technological innovation problems and forms facing the Group in the report. Concerning how to promote scientific and technological innovation during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, Liu Andong charted six courses of focus on “making use of the guiding role of planning, improving the efficiency of scientific and technological governance, strengthening efforts to tackle difficulties in core technologies, encouraging talents to make a difference, increasing investment in scientific and technological R&D, and promoting the integration of science and technology with economy. His call was inspiring to all. He emphasized that all units should fully appreciate the strategic significance of scientific and technological innovation to development and the practical significance of optimizing and improving the scientific and technological innovation system, continuously improve their scientific and technological innovation capability, and make new contributions to the new undertaking and high-quality development of Sinosteel.

Xu Siwei fully affirmed the scientific and technological innovation achievements that the Group made during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period and delivered an important speech themed “Implementing the Concept of Innovative Development for High-Quality Development of the Group”. He indicated the need to strengthen the research and judgment of the situations at home and abroad and to deeply appreciate the core role of innovation-driven development. He called for strengthening independent innovation and making concerted efforts to tackle key core technologies. He said that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of scientific and technological talents and stimulate creative vitality. As for the major scientific and technological projects undertaken by the Group, Xu Siwei stressed that we must enhance the sense of mission and urgency, reinforce the responsibility system, gather forces to tackle difficulties, make comprehensive project deployment, work together, keep an eye on the progress of task objectives, fulfillment of responsibilities, key nodes, and solving of problems, and spare no efforts to ensure completion of research tasks with high quality.

At the conference, Xu Siwei, on behalf of Sinosteel, signed a letter of responsibility with Chief Engineer Li Hongxia, who is in charge of major scientific and technological research projects. Zhang Jinghua read out the Notice on the Appointment of Backbone Technology Talents of the Group for 2020-2022, the Notice on Commending Science and Technology Award Winning Projects of Sinosteel in 2019, and the approval for major scientific and technological research projects of the Group. Representatives of the sub-groups present at the conference received the letter of appointment and award certificates on behalf of the appointed experts and award winners. Sinosteel MGIMR representative Wang Weiping and Sinosteel Tiancheng Lu Guowei, delivered award-winning speeches on behalf of the appointed experts and award winners, respectively, and made the commitment that they will assume the historic important responsibility, act as technological innovation pioneers of the Group, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of Sinosteel.

                                                                    At the Conference

                              Xu Siwei and Li Hongxia signing letter of responsibility for the project

                                                 Experts appointment ceremony in the Group

                                                    Appointment ceremony of young experts

                                                     Science and technology award ceremony

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