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  Company:    Sinosteel Engineering Design & Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
  Leader:   Zhou JianHong
  Address:   8 Haidian St.,Beijing,P.R.China
  Email:   Phone:   86-10-62687188
  Corporation Sites:     Fax:   86-10-62687100
Core Businesses:
Provide project contracting , design , consulting and management for the industries such as: beneficiation , mining , sintering , ironmaking , ferroally , steelmaking, steel rolling , oxygen making , steel wire products , electric communication , civil building , pressure vessel, geological investigation, public utilities, building materials, nonmetallic minerals, nonmetallic smelting processing.  
company brief introduction:

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinosteel Corporation, the Sinosteel Engineering Design and Research Institute Lid. (SEDRI) is a new Hi-tech Enterprise mainly engaged in the fields of entire project contract, project design and engineering consulting and special equipment design. 

The specialty qualificationg of SEDRI include: Architectural engineering design of metallurgy and construction industry (A-grade), Engineering design of municipal utilities (water supply, heating, sanitation) (A-grade), Telecommunications (communications tower) (A-grade), Building materials industries (Nonmetallic Minerals) (B-grade), Environmental engineering (wastewater) project design (B-grade), Iron and steel construction consulting (A-grade), Engineering Consulting of municipal utilities (water supply, heating, sanitation), Communications (Tower), Non-ferrous metallurgy (gold mine), Thermal power (small and medium-sized projects sent substation), (B-grade). With more than 30 specialities of design and skilled design group as well as advanced equipments, the institude has the ability to organize and manage lange project construction. 

SEDRI was founded in 1971, whose predecessor is the Metallurgical Design Institude of Hebei province. It was merged into Sinosteel Corporation in 2001. To adapt to the requirement of all-round development of Sinosteel Group, enhance the Sinosteel engineering design, research and development level, and to play a leading role in the design field, Sinosteel decided to reset the establishment of the SEDRI. The registration was transferred to Beijing Haidian Street - Sinosteel Headquarters, on the 8th. In accordance with the requirements of a large-scale comprehensive A-grade design Institute, the market positioning, organizational structure, staffing and other professional  were all resetted. On december 19, 2007, the newly established SEDRI held a listing ceremony in Beijing. 

The newly established SEDRI is a specialized company engaged in the engineering design research and development service, is a leading unit in the system of design research and development service and the design research and development organization. It provides the omni-directional technical support for the Sinosteel Corporation’s overall development and the technical stratification plane of consultion for the Corporation’s macro-scientific policy-making. 

Beijing Headquarters of the newly establishment SEDRI is mainly engaged in the technological design. It contracts the project design, project consulting, project management, EPC and non-metallurgy items at home and abroad. Meanwhile through the unified guiding and coordination of Shijiazhuang Branch, Wuhan Branch as well as other units of Corporation, the institude will integrate, research and develope the resources design, and form the competely research and develop system of Sinosteel Corporation gradually. 

On the basis of mutual benefication, great attention to international cooperation and communication are also paid what we have been looked into and now there are differential type of cooperations with Japan, Germany, UK, India, Iran,, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. The institude has accomplished project design, project contracting, project management and EPC involved beneficiation, miniing, sintering, ironmaking, ferroally, steelmaking, steel rolling and metal wire products for more than 200 companies. Also it has accomplised  hundreds of items of the project design for civic constructions and freeway infrastuctures, and thousands of communications. 

Always working on the basis of “honest, trust”, under the guideline of “quality first, service first”, and adhere to well design, scientific management and innovative ideas, SEDRI is willing to provide the best service on general contracting, project design and consultation for global client with high quality and efficiency, and working in partnership to achieve win-win. The steel design institute will continuously collect the high-end talented person of metallurgical profession, develops the domestic and foreign high-end market, and get the contract of high-end project unceasingly. We are going to stand on the domestic first-class synthesis A-grade design institute ranks within 3 years and become the International competitiveness steel and iron profession specialized design research and development organization which provides the high grade comprehensive service for the steel and iron profession customers and other related profession customers.