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  Company:    Sinosteel Tendering Co.,Ltd.
  Leader:   ZhiHeng Zhang
  Address:   No. 8 Haidian St., Beijing, P.R. China 100080
  Email:   Phone:   86-10-62688231
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Core Businesses:
International & Domestic Procurement Tendering  
company brief introduction:

As one of the earliest professional companies specializing in international tendering procurement, Sinosteel Tendering holds various qualifications and certificates of tendering and procurement authorized by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Construction and other government authorities. It has taken on various tendering projects on loans from World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other international financial organizations, and also the key construction projects of state or regions on the loans of foreign governments as well as international & domestic procurement tendering of industrial and civil engineering projects. Sinosteel Tendering has undertaken more than 1000 projects with its aggregated volume of dozens of billion US Dollars in its international & domestic tendering and procurement activities and in the follow-up contract implementations. These projects spread over 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China and cover various industrial and national economic sectors such as iron & steel, traffic, telecommunication, coal, mechanical, urban construction, medical & hygiene, aviation, railway, petroleum, chemical, medicine, science & technology, finance etc., among which it has experienced outstanding advantages of its own in the fields of industry, particularly in the line of metallurgy. Sinosteel Tendering has successively taken on tendering and consultation for grand construction and technical revamping projects of Bao Steel, Wisco, Ma Steel, Baotou I&S, Handan I&S, and Tangshan I&S. The construction of these projects has substantially improved the integrated equipment level of iron and steel industry in China, filling up a gap of domestic products, contributing enormously for China’s entrance of the World Steel Powers. Sinosteel Tendering has been authorized to contract import & export business, and awarded ISO9001 Quality System Certificate of Accreditation. Sinosteel Tendering boasts its professional talent team, among which 85% of them have senior or mid class professional titles. Not only are they familiar with international rules and domestic laws, as well as every link and stage in the process of tendering and procurement, but also master negotiation skills in import & export trade practice. Taking the principles of sincerity and enthusiasm, equality and mutual benefit, high efficiency and factualism, flexibility and reliability, as well as high grade services, Sinosteel Tendering engages itself in procurement tendering home & abroad, import of complete plant of equipment and rolled steel as well as some raw materials, and has accumulated abundant practical experience. Sinosteel Tendering has enjoyed wide recognition and renowned reputation from both domestic and overseas clients with enthusiastic cooperation by following strictly international rules and domestic laws. For the sake of providing professional services for clients, the company has formed an expert bank consisting of about 800 advisers, and will provide professional services in virtue of its own experts in the whole process of projects. Processing a prominent edge in the competence to offer clients with professional services such as project planning, technical consultation, etc, and as a subsidiary company of Sinosteel Corporation, Sinosteel Tendering provides comprehensive high quality services for clients with the strength of resource advantages of the group, and the practical experiences accumulated for many years, the powerful bank of experts as well. By advocating the principles of service orientation, credit persistence and law adherence, Sinosteel Tendering is keeping on enterprising and pursuing for excellence. With our sincere services, let’s join our hands together for a still better future!