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  Company:    Sinosteel Futures Co., Ltd.
  Leader:   ShiFu Shen
  Address:   No. 8 Haidian St., Beijing, P.R. China 100080
  Email:   Phone:   86-10-62685676
  Corporation Sites:     Fax:  
Core Businesses:
Domestic futures transaction agent, futures consultant, training.  
company brief introduction:

The former company of Sinosteel Futures Co., Ltd. was Futures & Trade Dept., Sinosteel Corporation. It was involved into Chinese futures market as early as 1993. In 1998, Sinosteel Futures Co., Ltd. was registered as a professional futures company at the state industrial and commercial administration bureau with approval of China Securities Supervision Committee. The registered capital of the company is 30 million Yuan. Its shareholders are Sinosteel Corporation and East China Steel Charging Company.The company owns three membership seats in futures transaction markets in Shanghai, Dalian and Zhengzhou. The headquarters is located in Beijing. Under it, there are business departments in Shanghai and Dalian. Besides, there are relevant departments and committees in the company, such as general management, financial and settlement, R&D, technical support departments and risk control committee and law compliance review committee, all of which provide strong services and supports to business departments. Business scope includes futures and consultant for investment of futures. The company is famous for strict business style and standardized operation and highly appreciated by the industrial authorities and all kinds of futures exchange markets. As a result, a good reputation and image of the company has been set up and recognition has been achieved from a deal of customers. Since establishment, the company has been profitable in successive years and made a good result. As one of the earliest participants in Chinese futures market, Sinosteel Futures Co.,Ltd. has not only set up a completed management system, but also fostered a professional backbone team that is familiar with theory, has abundant market experiences and is very capable for actual businesses. Thus, the company ensures to provide investors with first class futures exchange business and investment consultants.