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  Company:    Sinosteel Refractory Co., Ltd.
  Leader:   Hongzhi Yang
  Address:   No. 1 Xiyuan Rd., Jianxi District, Henan, P.R.China
  Email:   Phone:   86-379-64208116
  Corporation Sites:     Fax:   86-379-64210864
Core Businesses:
company brief introduction:

Sinosteel Refractory Co., Ltd. is one of subsidiary production companies of Sinosteel Corporation(abbreviated as Sinosteel). Sinosteel Corporation is a central enterprise under the Administration of State –owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of State Council. It is a large group enterprise with clear-defined core businesses that integrate resource development, trade & logistics, and engineering project and science & technology, providing comprehensive auxiliary service for steel industry, especially steel mills. Sinsteel is mainly engaged in developing processing of metallurgical mineral resources, trading and logistics of metallurgical raw materials and products and related engineering technical service and equipment manufacture. Sinosteel Refractory Co., Ltd (abbreviated as SLRC) built in 1958 was directly under administration of previous China Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. SLRC established during the “First Five-year Plan” is the first multi-refractory commercial enterprise in China. We are the only one refractory enterprise of 520 state key enterprises in china and apppointed as the chairman of China refractory commission . SRC has a technology centre with province grade, 780 technicians and production management peoples including 3 doctors, 3 doctors on studying, 19 masters, 9 masters on studying and 296 bachelors with majoring in refractory Subject. SRC has 3900 devices for producing and researching including automatic presses imported from Japan and Italy., a 202.5m in length tunnel kiln which is longest in china, a 176 m3 automatic shuttle kiln with computer control from Germany, the various kind of testing and inspecting apparatus from Japan and Germany SRC can produce acidic, basic, and neutral refractory including 10 systems, 126 standards, 350 brands, and more than 40 thousand shapes in a large scale. There is a 220,000 MT capacity per year and 600,000 pieces of various ceramic rollers. Our main products include oxide composite refractory, non-oxide composite refractory, high quality aluminum system and silica system, top grade basic products, Al-C & Al-Mg-C products for continuous casting, light insulation bricks, non-fired bricks, ceramic kiln furniture products, unshaped refractory material etc. for metallurgy, construction, non-ferrous metallurgy, electric power, machinery, light industry, petrochemical industry etc. Our silica bricks got the national top award for refractory quality – silver award and reach the top quality level in the world. The export quantity is the biggest in china. The developed oxide bonded and non- oxide bonded high quality composite refractories is widely used for aluminum industry and iron and steel industry. Our products have been exported to more than 30 countries such as USA, Canada, England, France, German, Italy, Austria, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Japan, India, Australia etc.