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  Company:    Sinosteel Binhai Industry Co., Ltd.
  Leader:   Ba li
  Address:   Bohai Development Zone(Huanghua Port),Cangzhou City Hebei Province
  Email:   Phone:   86-317-5760000
  Corporation Sites:     Fax:   86-317-5760300
Core Businesses:
Industrial District Planning and Construction, Ferro-nickel Production and Sales, Iron Ore Storage and Logistics, Steels Processing and Distribution, Scrap Steel Processing and Trade, Invitation of business and Investment, etc.  
company brief introduction:

SINOSTEEL BINHAI Industry CO.,LTD. is a limited company invested jointly by China SINOSTEEL Group Company and SINOSTEEL Investment Company, with a total area of 74.33 square kilometers , was established in Hebei Cangzhou Bohai Development Zone on Nov. 18, 2006. The company is mainly responsible for planning construction and operating management of SINOSTEEL BINHAI Industry Zone, registered capital of which reach RMB 439 million Yuan, the total planning investment of which is RMB 18 billion Yuan. Our industry base, in an advantageous location, is adjacent to Huanghua Port. Suhang Road, Shihuang Expressway and Hanhuang Expressway listed in the Plan rely on a coastal expressway.  

Construction Aim: 

Sinosteel Binhai Industry Base vigorously established a high-level comprehensive industry base that integrates production and processing, trade and logistics, storage and distribution and invitation of business and investment, which becomes an outstanding model jointed by central enterprises and territorial economy.  

General approaches:  

Sinosteel Binhai CO.,LTD. will take advantage of its head office Sinosteel Group, as well as synthesize the related iron and steel. It will integrate into territorial economy and will fully exert coastal advantages.  

Layout Ideas:  

Resources determine industrial products. The port determines the layout. The river flow determines the landscape.   

Overall Objects:  

Resources Conservation; Environmentally Friendly; Practical Techniques; Outstanding Benefits; Beneficial Future; Integral Service; Influence Significance  


The company will pay highly attention on its construction speed and pay more attention on its construction quality. The company will pay highly attention on its cost of investment and pay more attention on environmental protection. The company will pay highly attention on advanced techniques and pay more attention on practical techniques. The company will pay highly attention on its current benefits and pay more attention on its long-term benefits.  

Industry Zone:  

Modern Metallurgy Zone, Charging Material Distribution Zone, Recycle Economy Zone, Processing Zone  

Planning Projects:  

0.4 million ton ferronickel, 0.8 million ton stainless steel, large-scale steel logistics center, Used car dismantling, Metallurgy electromechanical equipment production, Steel grating production, Receiving and carrying on Sinosteel branches’ relocation and their overseas businesses transformation projects, etc..