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  Company:    Sinosteel Anshan Research Institute Of Thermo-Energy Co.,Ltd.
  Leader:   Liwei Xu
  Address:   No.301 Anqian Rd., Anshan, Liaoning, P.R. China 114044
  Email:   Phone:   86-412-5233388
  Corporation Sites:     Fax:   86-412-5225966
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company brief introduction:

Sinosteel Anshan Research Institute of thermo-energy(In short RDTE)was founded in 1976. It was a key institute of ex-ministry of metallurgy and now it is the member of sinosteel group. It is the high technology enterprise of province Liao ning. There are three complete sections in the institute: The research and development section, the engineering section, which transfers research achievements to engineering design and the production section which transfers research achievements to production. The quality management system of RDTE is in conformity with GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO9001∶2000 Standard. o The research and development section of RDTE The main research and development fields of this section are coal processing and conversion, thermo-technology of metallurgy. In the field of coal processing and conversion following aspects are engaged, such as coal processing and utilization; development of coal chemical products and new carbon materials and environmental protection in the field of coal processing. In the field of thermo-technology of metallurgical industry following aspects are engaged, such as energy conservation and apparatus for energy conservation in the metallurgical process, and comprehensive utilization of metallurgical resources and so on. The Engineering consulting, contracting section of RDTE The engineering design and engineering consultation certificates of Ⅱ class have been awarded. The Engineering certificate for design of high pressure containers of I and Ⅱ class has also been awarded. It has the qualification for contracting engineering projects. The main fields of this section are engineering design and consultation of coal-chemical technology, industrial furnaces, energy conservation of metallurgical process and corresponding engineering, consultation and contracting. Producibility of research achievement The RDTE promotes the converting process from research achievements into products. There are several factories in RDTE, such as the development and manufacture factory of metallurgical spare parts, the pilot plant of refined chemical products and the test equipment factory for coal and coke. The main products developed and manufactured in the development and manufacture factory of metallurgical spare parts are different kind of oxygen lances and its tips, burner with regeneration, different kind of burners, heating apparatus for iron, steel and intermediate ladles and so on. The main products of the pilot plant of refined chemical products are vitamin k3 and its by -product powder of oxygen chromium, α-methyl naphthalene β-methyl naphthalene, industrial naphthalene and idols. The main products developed and manufactured in the test equipment factory for coal and coke are test coke ovens, test equipment for coking ability measurement of coal, test equipment for measurement of coke mechanical strength and reactivity of coke and so on. Science 1976 until the end of March 2006 about 208 research and development projects have been fulfilled. Among them 169 projects have been appraised by ministry or provincial government. 15 national prizes and 99 prizes of ministry or provincial government have been awarded. 111 projects have been applied for patents and among them 100 letters of patent have been awarded. A lot of research achievements have been transferred or passed into engineering or production. In RDTE there are several advanced instruments such as scanning electro-microscope (imported from Japan). Nuclear magnet resonance spectroscope (imported from Japan), infrared spectroscope (imported form U.S.)And optical microscopes imported from Germany and so on. In the RDTE there are the largest laboratory for oxygen lance test (moved from Beijing University) and laboratory of hydraulic model. There are more than 60 apparatuses for inspection and processing also. The RDTE is the support unit of the national engineering research center for coking technology. The national quality control and inspection center for coke and chemical products of metallurgy and the national quality control and inspection center for carbon materials of metallurgy are all located in the RDTE. Two publications-' metallurgical energy ' and ' information of energy conservation ' are issued here. The RDTE accepts post-graduated students for master's degree in the fields of chemical technology and thermo technology of metallurgy and has the right to award master's degree. The RDTE is the technique representation unit of ISO TC-27 / SC3 in China. The RDTE is one of the 100 institutes which have had import and export right given firstly by the national ministry of economy and trade since 1993.