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  Company:    Sinosteel Maanshan Institute Of Mining Research Co.,Ltd.
  Leader:   YunMin Wang
  Address:   No. 9 Hubei Rd., Maanshan, P.R.China 243004
  Email:   Phone:   86-555-2404808
  Corporation Sites:     Fax:   86-555-2471101
Core Businesses:
Mining, mineral processing, mine automation, geotechnical engineering, treatment of mine geological disasters, commercial explosives, mine machinery and equipment, environmental protection, mine safety assessment, evaluation and examination of dangerous chemicals, solid waste treatment and disposal of metal mines,analysis and testing.  
company brief introduction:
Sinosteel Maanshan Institute of Mining Research is a science and technology company of Sinosteel Coporation. Sinosteel Maanshan Institute of Mining Research, established in August 1963 and directly subordinate to the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, is a large comprehensive research and development institution in China’s metallurgical mine field. It is one of the units early approved by the Academic Degree Awarding Committee of the State Council to have the autogenous right to award the master academic degree and one of the units first approved by the State Economic and Foreign Trade Ministry to have the right to import and export products. The institute was transformed into an enterprise of scientific and technological type in July, 1999. Sinosteel Maanshan Institute of Mining Research is a major hi-tech enterprise of state torch program and of Anhui Province. It majors in the research and development of mineral resource-related technology and the exploitation and utilization of mineral resources; and the consultation, evaluation, design and turn-key contract of mines and public engineering. It is a comprehensive scientific and technological institution with complete specialty configuration of non-coal solid mines and related majors, relatively concentrated talent people, complete testing equipment and industry of certain scale. MIMR now has over five hundred workers and staff members, over three hundred and sixty of which are scientific and technological personnel, including over thirty professor-level senior engineers, over one hundred and sixty senior engineers, and twenty-seven people enjoying special governmental subsidy. It is equipped with over 1700 pieces (sets) of various instrument and equipment and more than 50 laboratories and pilot test plants for various specialities. Since the establishment, it has completed over 4000 projects of various kinds of domestic or foreign scientific research, including 149 State scientific and technological tackling projects. a large number of scientific research achievement reached the level of advanced world standard or domestic leading. Over Six hundred and sixty projects have been awarded prizes of scientific and technological advance by the State, ministry, province or the city, including 41 prizes of State sci-technological advance, and 287 above third-class prizes of sci-technological advance of ministrial or provincial level. It has over one hundred applied patents, and has been authorized the right to eighty-seven patents. Its scientific and technological personnel have published over 2300 high-level academic papers on domestic or foreign academic periodicals. It has the following institutions: two state level research centers including The National Research Center of High Efficiency Recycling of Metal Mineral Resources and The National Treatment and Disposal Engineering Technology Research Center of Metal Mine Solid Wastes; The National Treatment and Disposal Engineering Technology Center of Mine Solid Wastes of Environmental Protection; The National Safety Engineering Technology Research Center of Non-Coal Solid Mine; The National Safety Evaluation Center of Non-Coal Mine; The National Productivity Promotion Center of Metallurgical Mine Equipment Industry; The National Iron Concentrate Technical Supervision and Testing Center of Metallurgical Industry; Changjiang Institute of Municipal Refuse Disposal Designing Research; Mine Technical Committee of China Metallurgical Mining Association; Metal Mine Solid Wastes Utilization Committee of China Resources Comprehensive Utilization Association; East-China and North-China Testing Center of Respiratory Dust; Chinese Core Periodical Magazine Office of Metal Mine; Magazine Office of Express Information of Mining Industry. Our institute has the following qualification certificates: Class A qualification certificates of metallurgical industry (mine) and environmental sanitation of engineering design; Class A qualification certificates of environmental engineering (solid wastes), geotechnical engineering and environmental sanitation of engineering consultation; Class B qualification certificates of iron and steel engineering (mine) and environmental engineering (waste water, waste gas and noise) of engineering consultation; Class A qualification certificates of geotechnical engineering of engineering exploration and Safety Assessment Institution; Class B qualification certificate of engineering supervision; Class B qualification certificate of environmental evaluation.