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  Company:    Sinosteel Germany GmbH
  Leader:   Xianhong Li
  Address:   Am Sandtorkai 77, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
  Email:   Phone:   4940-307086188
  Corporation Sites:   Fax:   4940-307086180
Core Businesses:
1. Trading of metallurgical raw materials and steel products: metallurgical & foundry coke, graphite electrode, refrectories, ferroalloy, fluorspar, rare earth, bauxite, magnesite, chrome ore, manganese ore, steel products and billets. 2. Complete set of metallurgical equipments, metallurgical & mining machineries, spare parts etc. 3. Integrated logistics: warehousing, processing and transportation etc.  
company brief introduction:

Sinosteel Germany Company (abbreviated as “Sinosteel Germany”), established in 1990, is a wholly owned and administrated subsidiary of Sinosteel corporation. As one of the five major overseas companies, she is responsible for the business of Sinosteel in the whole Europe and focusing on trading and logistics of metallurgical raw materials, steel products and billets, metallurgical & mining machineries and equipments, spare parts and related products.