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  Company:    Sinosteel India Pvt Ltd.
  Leader:   Wang ZhongTao
  Address:   12th Floor, Eros Corporate Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019
  Email:   Phone:   9111-42895600
  Corporation Sites:   Fax:   9111-42895628
Core Businesses:
1、Metallurgical resource and project development: iron ore、chrome ore、manganese ore etc. and metallurgical projects. 2、Trade and logistics: trading and logistics of minerals involving iron ore、chrome ore、manganese ore、steel products、carbon products 、coke、refractory materials 、architectural materials etc. 3、Technology service and equipment supply: providing technology service and complete set of equipment for major Indian steel mills including sinter、pellets、blast furnace etc.  
company brief introduction:

Sinosteel India Pvt. Ltd. (abbreviated as Sinosteel India) was established by Sinosteel Corporation in July 2005 in New Delhi, India. It is mainly engaged in developing of metallurgical mineral resources; trading and logistics of metallurgical raw materials and other related products; supply of metallurgical technology and equipments. Sinosteel India is a large overseas enterprise with clear-defined core business objective that integrates resource development、trading and logistics、contracting of engineering projects and service of engineering technology etc. It is one of the four leading overseas subsidiaries in response to the strategy of “Go Global”, which has been striving for the exploration and application of the global distribution of metallurgical mineral resources. Sinosteel India is the first enterprise which has been approved by both India and Chinese government ,and has set up three branches in Goa、Kolkata and Hospet within India. It has established an integrated network covering developing of metallurgical mineral resources、trading and logistics、technology service and equipment supply etc.. Sinosteel India is located in a country with abundant resources, which will play a key role as an overseas platform for specialized subsidiaries of Sinosteel Corporation. With the strategy of internationalization and specialization, Sinosteel India will provide stable resources、prompt and firsthand market information、rapid and reliable after service for the group. After adjustment and allocation of resources recently, Sinosteel India has carried out a wide range of business covering resources、market、logistics etc. and has made a great progress in these areas. Looking into the future, Sinosteel India will take joint efforts with friends to build up a global conglomerate as well as an instantly recognizable brand: Sinosteel.