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  Company:    Sinosteel Shanxi Co., Ltd
  Leader:   Xiaolin Yang
  Address:   Rm 1008,F10,TowerA,World Trade Center, No.69Fuxi St, Taiyuan,Shanxi,P.R.China 030002
  Email:   Phone:   86-351-8689582
  Corporation Sites:     Fax:   86-351-8689581
Core Businesses:
Sales of metal materials, Mineral products, common machinery equipments, instruments and meters, coal and coke products; Import and Export trading  
company brief introduction:

Sinosteel Shanxi Company, LTD. is one of the Sub-companies of Sinosteel Group Corporation with independent legal qualification. The company was founded in Jan., 2005. Registered funds was RMB5,000,000.00. Mr.Yang Xiaolin is the legal person. The company lies in RM1008, F10, Tower A, World Trade Center, No. 69 Fuxi St., Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. Company Purposes: Giving full play to the superiority of bases of energy resources and metallurgy of Shanxi Province; Making great efforts on opening up new business and devoting contributions to the whole developments of Sinosteel Group.