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Special Service

Sinosteel Equipment & Engineering Company has become one of the well-known steel manufacturers in the world. It has first-class qualification for managing complete set of mechanical and electric equipment, projects bidding and tendering, engineering, supervision and assessment; and it is fully capable to perform sub and general contracting. Sinosteel Engineering is one of the influential and important engineering project service agents that have a long history in metallurgical industry and is the agent for many domestic and overseas complete set of equipment and technology enterprises. On the national Top 100 Project Contracting Companies, Sinosteel ranks 10 in terms of revenues. 

hipping & Forwarding 

Depending on Sinosteel's solid capacity in centralizing supply of metallurgical raw materials & fuels and product distribution, Sinosteel Shipping & Forwarding Company provides customers with services in the sectors of goods transportation, insurance, cargo agent, storage and port & wharf services. Sinosteel Shipping has established Liaoning, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Sichuan  companies, gradually building and improving domestic and overseas business network, forming a professional network system that provides high value added services. Sinosteel endeavors to become the bridge and link connecting ship, port and cargo, and to finally realize the multi-win development.


Tendering Service 

Sinosteel Tendering Co., Ltd. provides  tendering services for many domestic large-scale projects. Sinosteel has first-class qualification for international electromechanical equipment tendering, technique remolding tendering and the import & export trade of the equipment authorized by Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China. Sinosteel has undertaken loan projects of Asian Development Bank and the World Bank and other international and domestic purchase tendering of industrial and civil projects, so it has its own advantages in several industries, especially in steel industry. Sinosteel also provides specialized tendering service and imported projects for large SOEs, such as WISCO, Ma Steel, BX Steel, Baogang and Tang Steel. The accumulated bidding volume exceeded 787 million USD in 2006, ranking No.2 in 153 tendering agencies with international tendering qualification. 

Sinosteel Jinxin Consultation Co., Ltd. is the only metallurgical company in China that was given exclusive investment evaluation rights by National Development and Reform Commission. 


Sinosteel Futures Brokerage Co., Ltd. conducts future agents business all over China and has seats in three transaction markets in Shanghai, Dalian and Zhengzhou. It is the group member of China Futures Association, the supervising company of Beijing Futures Chamber of Commerce, the member of Shanghai Futures Exchange Committee and the member of the Member Qualification Examination Committee under Dalian Commodity Exchange. Sinosteel Futures provides international standard financial service from hedging, interest arbitrage to investing & financial consultancy. It is one of the large  futures companies  that first conducted  standard futures transaction in China. 

It is among the top 20 in Shanghai transaction market for a successive six years from 2001. 

The total futures transaction volume in 2006 is 190.6 billion RMB, ranking 33 among the 192 futures companies in China, ranking 20 in all the Shanghai futures companies. 

Investment Development  

Depending on the overall advantages of Sinosteel Investment Company,Sinosteel Assets Administration Co., Ltd. and Sinosteel Property Management Co., Ltd., Sinosteel expands business to the fields of investment, real estate etc. 

Sinosteel carries out investment on Hangzhou Gulf Project.The total investment of the project is 11.8 billion RMB. Occupying the first place in span length in cross-sea bridge all over the world, the bridge overflies Hangzhou Gulf with a length of 36km. 

After the completion of the construction, it will bring important strategic influence to the economic development of the Yangtze River Delta. 

Sinosteel actively participates in the Tianjin Binhai New Area Xiangluo Bay Business Section Cooperation Project. Issued by Central Party Committee and State Council, the project of Tianjin Binhai New Area Development is an essential strategic measure based on the present social and economic situation. Sinosteel takes this opportunity and participates in the project, which will make great significance for its long-term development. 

Sinosteel takes part in the establishment of Shanghai Fudan Fenglin Technology Garden. Life health industry has been listed as a key industry in the eleventh national Five-Year-Plan.  

Taken an area of 5.46 square kilometre, this project is located in the economic center of Shanghai, with plenty of medical treatment resources and research & development institutes around. This project is a pioneering work in Chinese life health industry, which will surely contribute to the development of local economy and promotion of Sinosteel brand.