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Industrial Production

Sinosteel carries out the strategy of industrialization and gradually improves its influence in steel industry. It establishes the largest and most competent research and production bases in fields of mining, carbon products, refractory materials, ferroalloy, and equipment manufacture, which have largely improved the group's strengths at providing comprehensive auxiliary service.


Sinosteel vigorously gets a better control of the early part of industry chain. It gradually establishes steady and sustainable resources bases, which effectively improves its competence and influence.  

In order to strengthen developing and operating capabilities of mining, Sinosteel establishes Sinosteel Mining Co., Ltd. as a platform to study related policies, participate in geological exploration and beneficiation, integrate mining businesses, set up overseas resources project and supervise production and technology. 

Carbon Products 

Sinosteel Jilin Carbon Co., Ltd. is the biggest domestic carbon products manufacturer and ranks among Top 4 in international market. Integrating production, trade and R& D, it is the centre for new products R&D, new technology application and products tests, and also the first public company in Chinese carbon field. 

Refractory Materials 

Bases on industrial advantage of Luoyang Refractory Co., Ltd. and technological advantage of Luoyang Institute of Refractories Research, Sinosteel Refractory Co., Ltd. is established with the biggest scale, most variety and most exported products in China. It not only integrates refractory section of the group, but also enhances the competence of Sinosteel and Chinese refractory industry.  


Sinosteel Jilin Ferroalloy Co., Ltd., specialized in manufacture, technological design, new product development, domestic and foreign trade, economic and technology cooperation, is a ferroalloy manufacturing and supplying base with the largest scale, the most varieties and high developing strengths in China. Its production capability reaches 0.5 million tons per year. Its major products includes alloy of silicon series, manganese series, chrome series, nitriding series, composite alloy, ferrotungsten and ferromolybdenum, among which the 75% ferrosilicon, ferromolybdenum, extra low carbon ferrochromium and siliconmanganese win national silver metals.  

It has the only national technology centre of Chinese ferroalloy industry and is the chairman unit of China Ferroalloy Association.  

Equipment Manufacture 

Sinosteel Xi'an Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. produces equipments for iron making, steel making, refining, continuous casting, steel rolling, machinery in casthouse and mining. The products are sold all over China and nearly ten thousand tons of metallurgical equipments and spare parts are exported abroad. 

Sinosteeel Hengyang Machinery Co., Ltd. is the largest machinery manufacturer in Chinese non-ferrous and metallurgical industry, and also a backbone company in Chinese heavy metallurgical equipment manufacturing industry. It possesses comprehensive strengths at research & development, design & manufacture, metallurgical mining and non-ferrous equipments manufacture. 

Sinosteel Xingtai Machinery & Mill Roll Co., Ltd. is a professional roll manufacturer positioned first in Asia, second in the world. It is also one of the most important coke oven and continuous-caster equipment producer. It has been standing on the top of the developing tide in Chinese mill roll industry. 

Sinosteel Jilin Electro-Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional equipment manufacturer mainly engaged in machinery production, electromechanical, electricity control and measuring instruments. It is a major supplier of ferroalloy submerged arc furnace, carbide furnace, rectifier unit of graphitization, electrolysis, electrochemistry, production line of refractory fiber, production line of refractory fiber paper, and ladle integral pouring equipments.