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Trading Operation

Sinosteel is the product sales agent and material supplier for major steel mills in China, with good market credit, extensive business channels and solid customer foundation. It is highly competitive in market. Sinosteel is also elected the Chairman-General of the Iron Ore Branch, CCCMC. 

Main trading products include:  

  • Sinosteel Trading Company: iron ore including pellet ore, fluorite, bauxite, magnesite, refractory brick and rare earth; 
  • Sinosteel Raw Materials Company: chrome ore,nickel ore,manganese ore,ferroalloy,pig iron HBI,DRI,scrap,coke,coal and electrode; 
  • Sinosteel Iron & Steel Company:steel products and steel billets. 

The Rankings of Main Products in Chinese Market

Products  Market Shares of import in China (%) Market Shares of export in China(%)  Rankings  
Chrome Ore 18.05  - 1
DRI 32.25 - 1
Iron Ore 6.01 - 2
Coke - 6.36 2
Fluorite  - 13.12 2
Ferroalloy 10.06  - 3
Scrap 2.07 - Front rank
Manganese Ore 2.07 - Front rank
Magnesite - 4.50 Front rank
Alumina - 4.52 Front rank

Stable resource supply provides solid basis and guarantee for the sustainable development of trading operation. 

Relying on resource advantage and cooperating with domestic and overseas production enterprises, Sinosteel exerts itself to conduct the complementation and connection towards different parts of operating levels and gives full play to Sinosteel's overall competitive advantages. 

Economic & Trading Cooperation 

Sinosteel vigorously carries out domestic and international trading cooperation and builds strategic supplying chain. It has signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements and established strategic cooperation partnership with iron & steel manufacturers and related enterprises, including WISCO, Ma Steel, Tisco, Xinjiang Bayi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.,CISL and others. 

Sinosteel has signed long-term strategic cooperation agreements and entered into long-term partnership with ThyssenKrupp in Germany, Marubeni in Japan, Elkem in Norway and IMR in Switzerland. 

Strengthening on bank-enterprise cooperation and promoting all-round development, Sinosteel has signed financial cooperation agreements with financial organizations such as China Development Bank, The Export-Import Bank of China, Bank of China,Agricultural Bank of China etc.