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Overseas Undertaking

Sinosteel vigorously carries out the strategy of internationalization. It has  established 21 companies and 2 offices in Australia, South Africa, India, Singapore, Brazil, Germany, Gabon, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Hong Kong, Macao etc.     

Depending on the strategic advantage of overseas companies, Sinosteel gradually establishes five major overseas regional companies. The global purchase and sales network further improves the group's overall strengths. 

  • Hong Kong Area: Sinosteel International  
  • Australian Area: Sinosteel Australia 
  • African Area: Sinosteel South Africa 
  • European Area: Sinosteel Germany 
  • South Asian Area: Sinosteel India  

Fully utilizing domestic and overseas resources, facing two markets and bearing the requirement of 'internationalization & professionalization' in mind, Sinosteel overseas companies cooperate with each other intensively and vigorously exploit international market to raise the overall operating capability of Sinosteel. 

Sinosteel International Holding Company Ltd.Hong Kong Great Eagle Center

After years of globalizing development, the overseas companies of Sinosteel have gradually established Sinosteel image, trained a professional business team and built good relations with customers. They have  established long-term and friendly economic & trading communication and cooperation with renowned enterprises in the world. 

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