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Ferrous Metal Minerals Fe-Ni ore Manganese ore Chrome ore Pellet Sintered ore Iron ore
Non- Metal Minerals Bauxite Rare earth Magnesites Fluorspar
Coking Coal Coke
Feedstock(Others) Heavy oil HBI Pig iron Scrap
Steel /Finished Steel Products Steel grating Steel Wire product Steel /Semi-finished Steel Products
Ferroalloy Ferroniobium Ferrochrome Ferrovanadium Ferromolybdenum Ferrotungsten Ferrotitanium Ferromanganese Ferrosilicon
Equipment Manufacturing Refractory Manufacturing Equipment Carbon Mechanical And Electrical Equipment Rolling Equipment Continuous Casting Equipment Submerged-arch Furnace Steelmaking and Refining Equipment Ironmaking Equipment Rotating and Sintering Equipment Mining Equipments
Refractories Refractories for steelmaking industry Refractories for petrochemical industry Refractories for Non-ferrous Industry Refractories for cemmen industry Refractories for glass industry
Carbon Products Graphite electrode Graphite anode Carbon block Pastes Special graphite Carbon fiber Carbon fiber fabric
Electronic maganetic material Manganous manganic oxide Electrolyzed metal manganese Permanent Magnetic Ferrite
Non-ferrous Metal Ni Al Zn Co Cu