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High-purity Mn3O4 ,developed out of highly purified and refined raw materials, is ideal feedstock for Mn-Zn ferrites. Advanced process control and strict inspection procedures reduce product impurity to the lowest level. Sinosteel_s Mn3O4 is the No.2 producer with 35% market share in China.
This plant has been engaging in the research and development of manganese products over the years, its main products include Mn2O4 and metal manganese powder, of which the high-purity Mn2O4 is raw material of Mn-Zn ferrites developed by our company. All of the used raw material and auxiliary material are highly purified and refined. Due to using advanced process control approach and strict inspecting procedure, the impurity content in product is low, thus it is an ideal raw material for producing high-quality Mn-Zn ferrites.

Permanent magnetic ferrite series include pre-roasted material of stronium ferrite, permanent Ferrite Magnet and NdFeB Rare Earth Magnet. Majority of pre-roasted material of stronium ferrite Y33 and R12 are widely used by major Chinese steel mills including Baosteel, Ma_Anshan Steel, WISCO, Panzhihua Steel and Benxi Steel with exports to India, Vietnam and North Korea.