Lead Employee Career Development

Employees are the most valuable resources and wealth of enterprise development. Company uphold the "people-oriented, talent" concept of employment, to create a competitive and orderly, full of vitality, harmony and win-win, pragmatic and efficient environment for talents development, construction companies and employees "win-win interests community", let the staff grow with the enterprise in the atmosphere is full of humanistic care. Sinosteel employees as the fundamental force to promote enterprise development, training mechanism through innovative market-oriented personnel selection, use and maintenance of the rights and interests of employees, listen to the people, respect the value of employees, to provide a development platform, to create a warm and harmonious home carefully, promote staff development with the enterprise

To Protect the Rights and Interests of Employees

Sinosteel to thoroughly implement the party's eighteen and eighteen sessions of the second, third and fourth plenary session of the spirit, adhere to the people-oriented, and actively carry out business activities to create a harmonious labor relations. In accordance with the norms of labor relations, conscientiously fulfill their social responsibilities, and constantly improve the coordination mechanism of labor relations and labor relations conflict mediation mechanism, continue to strengthen the system construction of democratic management of enterprises, and maintain good fundamental rights and interests of workers, to solve the problem of interests of workers are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic as the fundamental construction of harmonious labor relations of the starting point and the the foothold, ensure the effective protection of the legitimate rights and interests of workers and effective maintenance units of interest.

Focus on Caring for Employees

Sinosteel continue to promote employee care project, according to the different needs of different employees, give employees personalized care, create a warm and harmonious atmosphere, let employees feel humanistic care group, enhance their sense of belonging. Sinosteel encourages strong physique, improve self-cultivation, efficient work, happy life, by organizing various cultural activities, enrich their amateur life, while enhancing the cohesion of the team and the staff's sense of belonging.

Advocacy of Society

Cannot open the camp community support every step of the development of China Steel Group Company that, companies in the business at the same time, never forget to give back to the community. In the country, and strengthen the communication between the community, through the service into the community "and" twinning "and other forms, promote the development of community. In overseas, we adhere to the "cooperation, friendship, win-win and development" concept, abide by the laws and regulations of the host country, respect the local customs, pay attention to multicultural integration, through the organization of seminars, lectures, cultural and sports activities, promote the China between enterprises and local government, business circles and Aboriginal communication. Achieve common development through mutually beneficial cooperation and create a harmonious external environment for international operations.

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