HIghlight Environmental Management

The negative impact of a profound understanding of the steel steel production of all aspects of the environment, that is an important duty of the company to strengthen the management of environmental protection, and is also an important part of the company management system. Effective environmental management system is the basic premise to improve the environment and realize the sustainable development of the company, to encourage broad participation of stakeholders, continuous improvement of environmental management of the company, is committed to the iron and steel industry and strategic emerging industries providing green service chain.

Optimize Green Production

We insist on low carbon development, accelerate the transformation of green, to further promote energy-saving emission reduction in the production process, the construction of energy-saving emission reduction information system, promote the respective practice of enterprise energy saving and emission reduction, and carry out the energy saving and emission reduction projects. In order to meet the SASAC of the State Council on standardizing the reporting of statistical data on energy saving and emission reduction requirements, the steel group set up energy-saving emission reduction management information platform. Has organized the preparation of 16 energy-saving environmental protection project reporting materials, and multi-party communication and coordination projects. There are 3 projects were listed as the Ministry of clean production demonstration funding support projects, access to the Ministry of finance support.

Optimize Green Production

For an enterprise, to further promote the overall level of group energy saving carbon reduction, clean production work, we collect owned enterprises in recent years of energy-saving emission reduction technology, compiled and issued "China Steel Group energy saving and clean production technology will be good experience" compilation, and good results of the internal sharing, the formation of mutual learning and common progress, to jointly promote the good atmosphere of group environmental management capacity building.

Develop energy saving and environmentally-friendly products

Establish Green Images

Implementation of green operation, we combine energy management and energy conservation, improve energy management system, the implementation of green operations.

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