Enhance Value Creation Ability

Sinosteel to cope with challenges, to deepen the reform, adjust the development ideas, take the initiative to adapt to the new economic norm. The board of supervisors, the SASAC, China Banking Regulatory Commission under the guidance and support of the community, we work together to overcome difficulties, the implementation of market mechanism, the industrial layout of internationalization, asset securitization, occupation managers "four major initiatives to stimulate the inherent vitality, cultivate inner motivation, improve the ability of enterprises sustainable development.

Strengthen Safety Production Management

In order to "focus areas, strengthen the process control, the implementation of classification management, promote mutual mutual learning, the whole idea of work safety performance assessment" as the work of production safety, the analysis of the enterprise safety production situation, a comprehensive assessment of the main results, existing enterprise production safety problems, and solve the problem, put forward the improvement may, through the sound system, improve the supervision and management system etc., to enhance the level of safety management group.

Follow the Development Needs of Customers

China Steel Group attaches great importance to product quality management, and constantly improve the quality management system, the effective combination of mass quality management activities of total quality management and QC, improve product quality, good brand carding. Improve enterprise quality management level. Owned enterprises to clear the theme of comprehensive planning, implementation plan, to obtain significant results.

Committed to Enterprise Value Sharing

Multi Cooperation

Sustainable development partners and the future steel, steel pursuit and partners to establish stable cooperative relations of fairness and justice, cohesive, and collaborative partner development, create value, create sustainable development of industrial chain dynamic.

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