Xu Siwei Led Sinosteel Transaction Sub-group to Attend the First China International Import Expo

From November 5 to November 10, the First China International Import Export with the theme of “Share Future in the New Era” was held in Shanghai. President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and made a keynote speech under the title of Jointly Build the Innovative and Inclusive Open World Economy. President and Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinosteel, Xu Siwei, attended the opening ceremony and “Trade and Opening” Parallel Forum of the First Hongqiao International Economic and Trade Forum and listened to the speech made by President Xi Jinping on the scene. Vice General Manager of Sinosteel, Gong Jingsheng, attended the relevant forums and the signing activities. During the meeting, Sinosteel Transaction Sub-group signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with three well-known foreign suppliers.

China International Import Expo has been the first national exhibition with import as the theme in the world till now, and it is a major innovation in the history of international trade development. It reflects China’s consistent position of supporting the multilateral trading system and promoting the development of free trade, and it is China’s practical action to promote the construction of the open world economy and support the economic globalization.

Xu Siwei conveyed the spirit of speech made by President Xi Jinping to the delegation of Sinosteel Group for study in the first time after the opening ceremony. He expressed that holding China International Import Expo was a major decision made by China with a view to promote a new round of high-level opening up and was a major measure taken by China to open its market to the world actively, which could certainly bring more development opportunities to the world and inject the strong impetus into building an open world economy. As a member of Central Enterprise Transaction Group, Sinostel would take full advantage of the opportunity of attending the First China International Import Expo to better combine “go global” and “bring in” and build the closer economic and trade cooperation with the relevant countries to gather the strength for building a strong modern country while further expanding the capability of safeguarding domestic strategic resources and improving the economic benefits.

During the attendance, President Xu Siwei was invited by Ambassador of Australia, Ansijie, to hold a cordial and friendly talk with Minister of Ministry of Investment of Australia, and they reviewed the investment course and the achievements of Sinosteel in Australia together and exchanged the opinions on further deepening the cooperation.

On November 6, President Xu Siwei led Sinosteel Transaction Sub-group attended the Forum on International Cooperation of Central Enterprises with the theme of “deepening cooperation, expanding opening up and promoting the enterprise development with smooth trade” held by SASAC. Head of Sinosteel Transaction Sub-group, Vice General Manager Gong Jingsheng, organized all the members of the transaction group and the enterprises in Shanghai to carefully study and comprehend the spirit of speech made by General Secretary Xi. They all reach an consensus that the speech made by General Secretary Xi further declared China’s determination of continuing to expand the development and more enhanced our confidence in China’s economic development, and that Sinosteel should participate in the cooperation of global industry chain and be devoted to cultivating the transnational enterprises and group with core competitiveness with the more open posture and the firmer pace.

During the centralized signing activities of Central Transaction Group, Sinosteel Investment and Sinosteel Deyuan subordinate to International Trade Holdings Platform signed the cooperation framework agreements on electrolytic copper, natural rubber and manganese ore with Trafigura, Sri Trang and Eramet-Kangmilao. Gong Jingsheng made a speech at the signing ceremony, and he expressed that the signing of the agreements would continuously deepen the exchanges and cooperation of Sinosteel with the domestic and foreign friends in the field of resource trade so that the diversified and deep cooperation relationship would be more stable. President of Trafigura, Mr. Jeremy Weir, and Senior Vice President of Nickel Manganese Business of Eramet-Kangmilao, Mr. Paul Desportes made the speeches respectively, and they expressed their expectations for the deep cooperation and the mutual benefit and win-win result.

After the signing ceremony was finished, Gong Jingsheng led the members of the transaction group to visit National Pavilion and Intelligent and High-end Equipment Exhibition Area, and they held the in-depth exchanges with the enterprises such as Voestalpine and then went to Sinosteel Shanghai Free Trade Company to survey and guide the work

The persons in charge of Group Office, Enterprise Development Department, Sinosteel International Trade Holdings, Sinosteel Investment and Sinosteel Deyuan Minerals accompanied him to attend the activities.

Opening Ceremony of Import Expo

Signing Ceremony

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