Xu Siwei Met with the Delegation Headed by President Liu Wei of Renmin University of China

    On the afternoon of March 23th, Xu Siwei, President of Sinosteel Corporation, Chairman of Sinosteel Corporation Limited, met with the visiting delegation headed by Liu Wei, president of Renmin University of China. Both sides conducted active consultation on deepening pragmatic cooperation in the relevant fields. Vice president of Renmin University of China Cha Xianyou and deputy general manager of Sinosteel Wang Wenjun attended the meeting. 

    First, Xu Siwei welcomed the visiting delegation headed by President Liu Wei. He said that ever since State Council issued Opinion on Policies and Measures about Promoting Public Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Sinosteel has seriously implemented the deployment of “encourage  entrepreneurs and innovators”, and has undertaken the work of building “Central Enterprise Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center”. Renmin University of China is a comprehensive university with long history and qualified teachers. For a long time, Sinosteel has cooperated with Renmin University of China, we hope to further strengthen the communication, with the support of discipline advantages and qualified education resources of Renmin University of China, speeding up promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as restructuring and development. 

    President Liu Wei thanked Sinosteel for their warm welcome. He applauded the reform and development achievement that Sinosteel has reached, and introduced the working situation of innovation and entrepreneurship education that Renmin University of China had carried out. He said that, innovation and entrepreneurship is closely related with intellectual property, and Renmin University of China, as an institutions of higher education, puts more emphasis on intellectual property protection. He hoped that both sides could have deeper communication and explore new ways of cooperation based on the current cooperation. In the process of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthening the protection and application of intellectual property, thus to achieve a better combination of education resources of Renmin University of China and innovation and entrepreneurship of enterprise. 

    Both sides also conducted communication about matters such as building central enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship platform, establishing entrepreneurship school of Renmin University of China and conducting innovation and entrepreneurship training for administrators. 

    Before the meeting, Xu Siwei accompanied the guests to visit the exhibition hall of  Sinosteel.

 Meeting between both sides

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