Xu Siwei and His Accompanies Visited Liu Wei, President of Renmin University of China

    On the afternoon of Dec. 2, Xu Siwei, president of Sinosteel Corporation and chairman of Sinosteel Corporation Limited, and his accompanies visited Liu Wei, president of Renmin University of China. A meeting was carried out about deepening pragmatic cooperations in relevant fields between both sides. Wang Wenjun, vice general manager of Sinosteel Corporation Limited accompanied and visited.  

    First of all, Xu Siwei extended his sincere congratulations on Liu Wei for assuming the president of Renmin University of China. He noted that in March, prime minister Li Keqiang pointed out in government work report that “mass enterprise and innovation” should be created to be one of the “two engines” that promoted the further development of Chinese economy. “Enterprise and Innovation Center for Central Enterprises” will be formally established recently in Sinosteel Corporation. It’s unshirkable responsibility for Sinosteel in business transformation period in terms of innovative practice for state-owned enterprises. Xu Siwei reviewed the strategic cooperation course between Sinosteel Corporation and Renmin University of China and expected to promote corporation innovation transformation and make more contributions for the development of economic society with the help of disciplinary advantages and good education and training resources of Renmin University of China.  

    President Liu Wei extended a warm welcome to Xu Siwei and his accompanies. He pointed out that as the first new institution of higher learning established by Chinese Communist Party, Renmin University of China adhered to glorious historical traditions and cultivated a large number of excellent talents for the Party and country. Currently, there were both opportunities and challenges for transformation and innovation of state-owned enterprises, which required theoretical basis and intellectual support. Renmin University of China would undertake this historical mission with high sense of social responsibility. He expected that both sides could deepen communication further based on existing cooperation relationship, expand cooperative areas, explore ways of cooperation under “New Normal” and commit to “enterprise and innovation” work collectively.  

    During talks, they exchanged ideas in terms of issues including building enterprise and innovation platform for central enterprises, development of entrepreneurship school and enterprise and innovation education for students in Renmin University of China as well as cooperation in training management cadres, etc.


Meeting between both sides

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